Our Magical Short Story Contest is all wrapped up! We want to thank everyone who submitted their wonderful stories. It has been an absolute blast reading them all.

Let’s get into why you’re really here.

The winners are…

Fourth Place

Here, Magic by David Joseph

Third Place

Paint-Eater by Aeryn Rudel

Second Place

Seaglass by S. C. Jensen

First Place

The Duel at Maria’s Pizza and Roast Beef by William Delman

Congratulations to all who placed!

The Runner-Ups

These stories were really close to entering the top four!

Once Upon a Memory by Jeff Gard

The Living Human Treasure by Katherine Toran

Fantasma Malvado by Robert Walton

All of our runner-ups will be featured in our special contest collection, Magic, Mayhem, and Monsters, going live on Kindle soon!

What’s Next

The winning stories will be published online throughout April, starting with Here, Magic on April 4. We will continue to publish the winning stories on Thursdays. New flash fiction will still be published on Friday mornings.

We are also publishing a digital collection that will feature all of the winning stories plus the runner-ups. The collection, Magic, Mayhem & Monsters, will be available on Kindle later this week. Here’s a sneak peak:

Thanks, again, to all of you who participated in the contest! We’re incredibly lucky to have such talented writers submit their tales to us.