“You’ve heard of Paris syndrome?”

“Um… is that anything like Stockholm syndrome?”

She tutted. “Paris syndrome was the shock and disappointment Japanese tourists suffered after making the long haul journey to that supposed pearl of Europe, capital of culture, of fine dining, of romance.”

“Ah,” I nodded, a moment’s thought later.

“Ah indeed,” sneered the border guard, impounding my time machine before stamping a ration book with rather more force than necessary. “Welcome to the future, Mr. Henderson.”

Liam Hogan is an Oxford Physics graduate whose award-winning short story, “Ana”, appears in Best of British Science Fiction 2016 (NewCon Press). “The Dance of a Thousand Cuts” appears in Best of British Fantasy 2018. He lives and avoids work in London. More details at http://happyendingnotguaranteed.blogspot.co.uk