“Are you my mother?” asks a little boy. He shifts from one foot to the other.

The scientist shakes her head. “It’s complicated. You see each clone has twenty-three chromosome pairs. We cut and paste the DNA strands from hundreds of donors. So although I am the one who engineered the way your strands were arranged, none of my genetic material was included. Why? Are you interested in your heritage?”

“No,” says the little boy. He hands her a folded piece of construction paper, a heart glued to the front. “It’s just . . . I made you a card.”

Joseph Sidari (www.josephsidari.com) writes from outside of Boston. He has been published in Daily Science Fiction, Third Flatiron’s Anthology “Monstrosities,” and Havok Magazine, to name a few. He is patiently waiting for his agented YA novel, LITTLE GREEN MEN, to find a publisher. Follow him on Twitter @JNSidari.