She bursts through the front door just as a scream tumbles down the stairs.

She charges up but can feel her muscles weakening, her claws receding. She can feel the moon begin to disappear, taking her — the real her — with it.

The man’s scent vanishes, but it doesn’t matter. It led her here.

She reaches the landing, hoping she has enough time, then turns into a filthy bedroom. The man is holding the girl down and they both looked up at her, eyes and mouth agape in silent screams.

And she lunges for him, thankful she still has her fangs.

Jon is a science fiction and horror author from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His work has appeared in multiple markets, including Mythic Magazine, the Tales to Terrify podcast, and anthologies from Tell-Tale Press and TANSTAAFL Press. Jon can be found online through Twitter (@JAGaut) or his website.