It’s our birthday! Woo!

A full year has elapsed since we published our first story last August. When we started, we didn’t know what to expect. Would people submit? Would people read the stories? Would we go broke?

As it turns out, people submitted some crazy good stories and people outside of our families (Hi, mom!) read them, and we make just enough money to keep The Arcanist afloat and binge on pizza and Thai food during our editorial meetings.

It’s been a real learning experience, and we’re extremely grateful for all of the support we’ve received.

To those of you who have made pledges through our Patreon page, we extend an especially heartfelt thanks.

It’s through all of your efforts that we were able to keep The Arcanist going, and we want to take this moment to say a big thank you and to let you know what we have planned for our birthday celebration.

The Arcanist: Year One Anthology

The Arcanist: Year One: Over 50 Bite-Sized Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories
The Arcanist: Year One is an anthology of over fifty authors showcasing the depth and range of contemporary sci-fi and…

On August 1, we’re releasing The Arcanist: Year One, (Pre-orders currently available for Kindle!) a collected anthology of all the stories we’ve published this past year.

Year One will be available in both print and electronic formats. Pre-orders start now. (Stay tuned for updates on Twitter and Facebook.)

New Patreon Rewards

We’ve taken the time to listen to some feedback and make changes to our Patreon rewards. These changes are designed to give our patrons more bang for their buck.

The Arcanist is creating a fantasy and sci-fi flash fiction magazine. | Patreon
We need your help to continue publishing super cool flash fiction . First Off, What Is The Arcanist? The Arcanist is a…

Notably, instead of receiving the weekly story one day in advance, contributors will receive the whole month’s stories before they’re published. We’re also sharing exclusive photos of cats. Learn more by clicking the link above.

We hope these new incentives demonstrate our appreciation for those who pledge their support. If you have any ideas about rewards you’d like to see feel free to drop us a line. We’re always open to feedback!

Ghost Stories: Our First Contest

We will be launching our very first story contest at the beginning of August.


You can find out about the contest and what is required to enter here:

Submit here. (Link goes live July 30th.)

Winners will receive cash prizes and other rewards. Runner-ups will be featured in our special Halloween issue as well!

More details to follow in a separate post.

The Arcanist: Classics

In addition to continuously publishing brand new, hot of the press, flash fiction, we are going to start highlighting classic speculative works by writers of yesteryear.

We believe that stories shouldn’t be forgotten or ignored. So, to that end, we are going to start presenting classics online in a way that is easy to read and access.

Through this process, we hope to expose older stories to new audiences, allowing them to come alive again.

We hope you enjoy them!

More details about our classic project coming soon.

A Move Away From Medium

Finally, after a great deal of careful consideration, we will be taking steps to move away from Medium as our hosting site. Though we’ve had a successful year hosting and publishing stories with Medium, we feel our readers and our writers will be better served by moving to our own site that offers more control to publishers, especially publishers who work in the realm of creative writing, an area of Medium that isn’t given enough attention.

Thank you for a great first year! We can’t wait to read more stories and share them with the world in new and exciting ways.

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