The man trying to make sense of his life now that his demon has been exorcised. The woman who knows her son has been taken, even as he sits by her side. The scorned professor who's found a missing work from The Planets Suite.

Christopher Stanley's debut flash fiction collection, The Lamppost Huggers and Other Wretched Tales, boasts an impressive assortment of characters trying to make sense of a world gone horribly wrong. The darkness here is home to vampires, werewolves, witches and ghosts - but it's the monsters you've never heard of that should worry you the most.

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The Lamppost Huggers and Other Wretched Tales will go on sale June 1, 2020. You can preorder the collection now through major retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can also request the collection at your local bookstore, which we implore you do to keep our literary community alive and thriving!

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“Despite the whimsical title, The Lamppost Huggers is a skin-crawling exercise in creeping dread, with a pitch-perfect denouement you won't see coming.”
Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Kin and Sour Candy

“Christopher Stanley captures the darkness of the soul and refuses to let it go. Atmospheric and chilling, this is a true masterclass in the art of flash.”
Stephanie Ellis, author of Bottled

“The Lamppost Huggers is a Pandora’s box of bite-sized terror. Delightfully macabre, grotesquely disturbing and insanely original ... horror has a new name, and that is Christopher Stanley!”
Ross Jeffery, author of Juniper

“Simply superb! Christopher Stanley has crafted a collection of grand vision and intimate betrayal that sweeps us from the ends of the earth to beneath our beds in terror. The Lamppost Huggers and Other Wretched Tales promises nowhere to hide; the apocalypse is coming from inside of the house.”
Hailey Piper, author of Benny Rose, The Cannibal King

“Christopher Stanley showcases his masterful ability to spin a mere thousand words into a tale overflowing with a novel's worth of imagination. From the startling oddness of the titular story to unique and chilling takes on classic tropes, this collection left me thoroughly and delightfully unsettled.”
Aeryn Rudel, author of the Acts of War series

“Homes are invaded, bodies are transformed, minds are broken and the lines between myth and reality are slashed beyond recognition. In this stunning debut collection, Stanley entertains and terrifies his readers in equal measure.”
Gaynor Jones, author of Business As Usual

“Christopher Stanley’s The Lamppost Huggers is a collection of creepy tales that are deeply imbued with monsters and mystery. In these stories, the inexplicable is free to wreak havoc on modern family life without mercy.”
Santino Prinzi, author of There’s Something Macrocosmic About All This

“A horrific beast of a collection!”
STORGY Magazine

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